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The orenda mission

The mission of Orenda is to provide an online management tool that enables Micro, Small to Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to manage their open source powered servers and provide them with better performance, security, and scalability, in the public cloud.


Power from Within.


Orenda is thoroughly adaptive to & compatible with any cloud service providers.
Orenda permits freedom of choice; so you can run your next business on the cloud compute service you prefer. 👍

Quick & Simple

Orenda was designed & developed so that anyone, regardless of experience. Orenda is for the beginners, the intermediate, & the experts. Just choose a plan fit for you & utilize our speedy wizard to set your project up for you; with only a click of a button.
Orenda is time & cost efficient, & simultaneously effective & precise. ✔


The powerfully perspicacious Orenda AI additionally illuminate the procedure; allowing swift response to the your server(s) settings. Independently, Orenda's specialized system accesses the amount of activity taking place on your website. Based on the amount of visits, hits & clicks, Orenda AI calibrates your Storage, Bandwidth, & other vital cloud server settings in order to achieve the most effectiveness & implementation from your website(s).
Orenda makes the most out of the resources it is given, & also saving you time, effort, & assets. ⭐

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About Orenda.

Orenda establishes a brand new path towards successful startups.

Orenda is highly adaptive in many ways. The types of users, it is designed to be utilized by anyone. From freelancers to small business, to even large corporate & enterprise;

Orenda is the way, so start your next startup with us today.

A digital utility, centralized on enlarging your brand.

We’re providing professional grade cloud-based assets & devops, aiding startups, at all levels of experience, to create awe-inspiring websites with simplicity & boldness.

  • Low-cost
  • Quick & Simple
  • Reliable
  • Powerfully precise & perspicacious
  • Adaptive, adjustable, & open-ended
  • Efficient & effective
  • Independent

Our plans

Simple pricing. Orenda standards.




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Small Business



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Team Orenda.

Those within.

Abdelmalek Mohamed

Business Developer

Ali Saleh

Graphic & Web Designer

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